Moving With Pets

Moving is a major transformation for most animals, how well it adapts depends on the animal’s temperament. Particularly cats are riotous and can be stressed by changing the environment.

If you move from country to town, it’s good to get used to the new sounds for some time before proceeding. There are soundtracks with city noise to buy or record sound from the new environment.

A tip is also to bring the dog to the new surroundings a few times before the move and create a beautiful moment. Maybe a little candy and a cozy walk in the neighborhood. In general, it is best to leave the animal outside the dock as far as possible. Especially dogs feel from new things and seeing furniture and gadgets packed can get them out of balance. The good idea is to leave the animal during the most intensive part of the move and until you have packed up. As mentioned above, cats are sensitive, and a chaotic move can lead to broken furniture and refurbishment indoors.

Pheromones are a fragrance that animals secrete naturally, like when cats stroke their cheeks against furniture. There are synthetic pheromones that can make cats and dogs calmer. They are available free of charge at animal clinics and pharmacies in the form of an electrical outlet diffuser, to be used in your old residence before moving and during the first period of the new one.

Creating a safe environment is important to let the animal explore the new home at its pace. Creating a space with toys, bed and food bowl is a way of building security.

It is important to give the animal time and create a positive feeling in the new home from the start. If you have the opportunity, it’s a good idea to take a few days off and stay with the dog or the cat and leave it alone for longer and longer. That the pet is going to be a disturbance to the neighbors is a lot of worries.

If you have moved from country to town, it’s a good idea to have background noise like radio or TV during the day because the dog will not experience disturbing noise from outside. Do you have a nervous dog and live on the bottom? Drag the curtains to avoid barking at people passing by.

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