Easy Cleaning Strategies When Moving In

So that you will feel that your new home is already yours, it is important to do a good cleaning before moving.

Main Tip

Always start cleaning from top to bottom. Dusting walls and ceilings before cleaning the floors will be more useful because you prevent the dirt from falling and you avoid having to clean twice.

Helpful tips:

  • It is advisable to clean the new house before moving.
  • Concentrate on cleaning the parts that will be occupied or that will be inaccessible for cleaning once you move.
  • The most accessible places also have to be part of your cleaning plan.
  • Cleaning Strategies for Moving to Your New Home

When you move, you want to feel that your new home is yours. Cleaning the home is the first step in applying the philosophy of “new home, new life.” Before carrying all your things, it’s better that there are no odors, dirt, cobwebs or dust. So, make sure you start this new stage in the best way. Some tips to clean your new home:

Although it is a general practice that the previous occupants leave the house clean before leaving, it is not a strict rule. If your new home is not completely clean, do a deep cleaning before you move your things. Once everything is in place, it will be much more complicated.

Clean the new house from top to bottom

Imagine if, after sweeping the floor, you clean some shelves and dust falls to the newly waxed floor. To avoid back jobs, clean the ceiling first and then everything below. Remove cobwebs and dust from ceiling joints, shelves and other high surfaces with a rag or broom. Once everything is clean, sweep the floor.

Clean those parts that you probably will not clean again

How many times did you wipe the walls? Try to think of places you will not clean again soon and clean them before you move. Nothing better than an impeccable house to create new memories. Some of the things that are usually cleaned less often are:

  • Walls
  • Places behind appliances or large furniture
  • Interior of the cupboards
  • Sockets and moldings
  • Windows and ventilation fans
  • Clean surfaces that are commonly handled

It ‘s hard to feel that moving is a new beginning if you think there is dirt around! The surfaces with greater contact are usually those that have more marks of use from the previous inhabitants. If you want to do a deep cleaning, concentrate on the following:

  • Electrical appliances (kitchen, oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine)
  • Toilet, bathtub, shower, and lavatory
  • Latch
  • Wrenches and other buttons

Now that your new house is clean, you can bring your things to start enjoying it in full.

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